Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Happy Wednesday!  Surprise!  I have yet another card with a flower on it to share with you....but first, just a note...
I received a comment from one of my fabulous readers (thanks, Kate!) regarding the birthday banner card from this post.  I posted that I'd cut the card base at 5" and the bird/banner at 4".  When she tried to do that, it didn't fit and the banner actually had to be cut at 3".  I use my Gypsy (GG as I lovingly call it...) for everything and I use the "height" for my measurements.  I guess I'm being blonde here because I figured if that said 2", then you'd cut it straight from your Cricut at 2".  Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?  I hate posting incorrect dimensions.  I may have to dig out an actual cartridge {GASP - haven't done that since I bought the Gypsy} and cut with GG, then CC (yep, you guessed it - the Cricut) and compare the sizes.

On a different note, I find the things I love, be they human or not, need nicknames (my husband has about 50).  Therefore, a few weeks ago I named my Cricut and Gypsy.  I figured CC & GG fit since they're cousins, after all...right?  And people name their cars, right?  Ok...enough of my quirkiness for one day.

I have yet another card with a flower on it.  If you can't tell, I just love flowers.  They're fabulous and girlie and beautiful and splendid.  If you read my post on Monday, you'll know that I spent some time this weekend scouring Pinterest for ideas.  I got this idea on Pinterest and of course, just like Monday's card, I lost the link when my computer restarted.  I've learned my lesson for sure.  If you know the originator of this card, I'd love to give them credit for the fabulous layout and color scheme idea.

The card base is a standard A2 (4.25" x  5.5").  I cut the gray paper at 4" x 5.25" and embossed it using my Cuttlebug.  I cut a strip of black 1.25" x 5.25", and a strip of white 2" x 5.25".  I punched the edge of the white using a Martha Stewart border punch, then added them to the card.

I used a stamp from the Dollar Bin at Michael's.  My black ink pad is running out or drying up or something, so ignore the poor stamping job I did!  I added twine and adhered this all to the card.

My pitiful camera failed to capture the beautiful pink color of the flower.  In reality, it's more a lovely pink instead of coral-salmon-ish.  I cut the flower and leaves from Flower Shoppe and I'm scared to give you the sizes I cut (see note above!).  When cut, the flower is about 1.5" across, if that helps.  I added a pearl button to the center.

I would love to claim this idea as my own, but it's not!  I love how it turned out.  I have a thing for gray lately and I really like it with the pop of color on the flower.

Have a great day!