Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wonder Woman

On Saturday, I went with some gals to see the new Wonder Woman movie.  Girl Power!

I was born in September 1975. The first episode of Wonder Woman aired on TV in November 1975 and the show ran until 1979. (In case you were wondering....)

I remember as a kid watching Wonder Woman reruns.


Like, seriously.

Like most young girls during that time, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.  I had a WW costume, complete with crown and everything and I would just run around in it.  I thought she was so beautiful and so strong.  And who doesn't want a lasso of truth to catch bad guys?

Lynda Carter was so stunning - and still is, for that matter.  Have you seen her now?

Impressive!  I'm super jelly of her gorgeous eyes. And the rest of her, for that matter.

Being a lifelong Wonder Woman fan, I was very skeptical when I saw the pics of the new movie coming out.  First of all, I did not like this new outfit.  It was almost too dark for me. 

Second, the new WW seemed like she just didn't have "it".  Don't ask me what "it" is, but it makes sense in my head.  I just couldn't picture this gal saving they day.

After seeing the movie today, I changed my mind.  I really loved it!  She is gorgeous and the outfit grew on me.  I thought it was a great story of a sexy woman kicking some serious butt!  It had a good message as well and I can totally see Gal Gadot becoming a hero to many little girls out there.

She also has really good hair.

And can we just talk about that GLOWING lasso of truth?  Amazing.  I mean, I really want one.  No joke.  If I could buy one, I'd totally hang it on the wall of my craft room.

Now.... What do you think?  Which Wonder Woman is better?

I tend to lean towards Lynda, but probably just for nostalgia.  It's basically a toss up, but because of nostalgia, Lynda eeks out on top.

I'd love to know what you think...