Thursday, March 31, 2016

New projects!

Hi guys!  It's been way too long since I've posted!  About 3 weeks ago, things went INSANE at work, my Etsy store and business picked up big time and I discovered 24 hours in a day wasn't enough to do it all!

We've had two of us doing the work of four and I've been working a lot of overtime.  The paychecks will be nice, but I'm done!  We have a new person starting in 3 weeks, so the countdown is on.  All this overtime would have been tolerable on its own....but for some reason, I got a gazillion orders and projects during this time as well.  Now, I'm not complaining about God blessing my business.  I am just tired!

Since I haven't had time to craft for myself and post, I thought I'd at least share some pics of what I've been doing....

My co-worker asked me to make this "faux" ticket for her to give her dad on his birthday.  She and her sisters got him tickets to the Lakers/Thunder game and this was how they told him.  What a cute idea!  I would have never thought of that I totally enjoyed it.  I laminated it so he could keep it.  She said he loved it!

I also did several Easter baskets.  I forgot to take pictures of a couple, but here are two of them.

Please ignore the bad pics... I took them at my desk at work.

This is an Easter basket for a very sweet, lovely young lady.

 She loves horses and wants to grow up to be a vet. 

Her mom chose the colors to match her room, so she could use the basket after Easter.

This is for her brother, Trey.  He loves super heroes and his favorite is Batman.

One last project...

I made several personalized bunnies for Easter.  This was for a co-worker to mail to her niece.

I have several other projects to share, but not today.