Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Planner in Progress

A few weeks ago, I purchased some item from the Arc system by Staples.  If you're not familiar with that, check it out HERE.  I am totally enthralled with making my own planner and notebooks using these discs and the printables I plan to make..someday.  The problem is that I've been busy and have yet to set up my planner, make the pages and fancy it up.  

Having my priorities straight, I decided to cut a vinyl design for the front of my empty planner...  It's a start, right?

The weeding was a giant pain in my hiney, but I love it!  This is one of my favorite scriptures and one of my favorite fonts.  You can get the font HERE.

I will be filling the planner soon...I hope.  I will share those pages just as soon I stop procrastinating and do it!

If you're interested in making your own planner or notebooks using the Arc system, you can purchase what you need on Amazon by going HERE.  Everything you buy through this link helps support Pink and Paper.

Happy Wednesday!