Monday, September 22, 2014

Honey, Have you seen the remote?

Since my bout with meningitis in January, my memory has been less than stellar.  I'm told the after effects of the virus are similar to those of a traumatic brain injury.  While I am getting better with time - and believe that God healed me - I am not fully back to normal yet.  One of the worst things I do with this crazy memory of mine is carry stuff into other rooms with me, put it down, then forget about it until I need it again.  I know some people do this without a "brain injury", but I'm telling ya, I do it ALOT!

We look for our remotes regularly.

Like almost daily.

Because I've carried them to another room absentmindedly.

The strangest place we've found one is on the shelf where we keep our towels in the back bathroom.  I was folding towels one day on my couch, watching TV.  I picked up the towels to put away and apparently had the remote in my hand.  I put it on the shelf under the towels.  Fortunately, since I've done this so much lately, we now know to retrace my steps and we found it in a mere 25 minutes.

I'd seen this on Pinterest a while back and had it on my to do list.  I grabbed some vinyl scraps and did this:

I just got a TV for my craft room, thus prompting me to move this project to the top of my list.  I cannot imagine how much I could mix up 3 remotes instead of 2!

Of course, I used pink vinyl to match the pink theme of my craft room.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it.  I tried measuring the remotes, but as you can see by how large the letters are, I didn't plan too well.  I decided even though they're HUGE, I am not re-cutting them.  

The font I used was Caprica Script.  You can download it HERE.

I used painter's tape as my transfer tape to put them on.  It took a whopping 5 minutes and this project was done!

If you label your remotes using vinyl or stickers or whatever, I'd love to see a pic!

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