Saturday, September 20, 2014

FREE Halloween Printable

I am seriously need of some Halloween decor for my home.  We moved earlier this year and I'm really excited about giving out candy on Halloween.  At our old house, we NEVER had trick-or-treaters, so I'm hopeful we will have a bunch here.  I am on a tight budget right now, so I can't buy a ton of stuff.  I've decorated a tub for my candy (I'll be posting that in a few days), I'm going to get a pumpkin to carve and/or paint and I decided to make some printables to frame.

Here's the first one:
I'm planning on a making a few more, but figured I'd start with a fun one.  I'm kind of a chicken about scary things, so I like fun Halloween stuff.  When you start sending ax murderers (even pretend) my way, I tend to act like a little child cry/run/panic/faint!

It will print on a regular sized piece of paper and the picture is 8x10, so you can just cut out and frame.  You can download it in PDF format HERE or as a PNG file HERE.