Friday, May 3, 2013

Font Friday - Outline Storm

Happy Friday!  I am sorta improvising today because I'm at my mom's house having our annual garage sale. And...I just remembered I didn't post Font Friday!  I went to my favorite font site and found a fun one for you really quick.

I normally try to show you a sample of it in a beautiful color, but today I had to grab the stock photo of the font.  I'm normally into curly, swirly fonts, but I thought this was really fun!  I don't have many non-girly fonts, so I may use this one alot.  You can download it HERE.

I'm off to sale more of my junk!  I decided to put a ton of my old paper pads, ink pads, punches, etc. out there and they sold like crazy.  I'm so excited because that  means I can get more new paper, right?