Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pleated Card

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well today.  I have a fun birthday card to share with you today.  I saw this idea somewhere a long time ago, but honestly have no idea where!

The card base is A2 size (4.25" x 5.5").  I used kraft cardstock for the base and for a mat on the front.  

The sentiment is a bit of a mess, as you can see above!  It's a stamp from the dollar bin at Michaels and didn't come out so well.

I cut the butterfly from Indie Art at 1.5".  I added glossy accents to the antanae and the body of the flutterby.  I then glue 3 together and folded the wings to make it stand out.

This part of the card was a little more tricky.  I cut the floral paper to 6" x 2.75".  After many failed attempts, I ended up scoring the paper at 1", 1.25", 2". 2.25", 3", 3.25" and so on.  The "ruffle" isn't perfect, but I love the effect!  I am going to try this again someday....

That's all for today, folks!