Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun Storage Idea

Hi guys - Can you believe it?  I am actually doing two posts in one day!  I saw this idea online and just thought I'd share it with you.


I found this through a link on Pinterest.  Linda states that she's a teacher and made this for her classroom.  I {heart} the rainbow colored drawers!  She uses it in her classroom, however, I'm thinking this would be fab for brads, embellishments, scraps, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  You can see her blog post HERE.  This is on my list to do list.  I'll be sure to share once I've made one myself.

I wanted to leave you with one last thought.  We started a class last Wednesday at church called FireStarters.  We have homework each week and this week's homework was to share God's love with at least 5 people.  I have done that in various ways this week with people that I come into contact with and I wanted to share it with you all as well!  It's no secret, if you've read many of my posts, that I am very involved with my church.  The type of church I attend and the things I believe may be different than some of you or may be just the same...but putting all religious differences aside, I want you to know God loves you!    His love is the same no matter what you believe.  One thing I've been learning through some recent study and teaching is that God loves me for me and you for you.  You don't have to earn his love; he doesn't withhold it from you for bad behavior nor does he put conditions on it.  It's the purest form of love that has ever been or ever will be.  If you remember nothing else from this post, please remember that God loves you just the way you are, failures and successes.  You make him smile!