Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weight Loss Update

Hello everyone!  It's been a few weeks since I bared my deepest, ugliest thoughts about myself and weight loss and I've had several folks asking how it's going.  It's been pretty steady.  I had hit 12 lbs last week and then at weigh in last night - UGH - I gained 0.2 lb!  I was so distraught.  I thought I'd done pretty well this week and I was not a happy camper to see a + on there!  I realized it's only 2/10 of a pound, but that's not the point here.  My hubby and I have both been fighting colds since last Friday, and over the weekend we ate fast food several times because neither of us felt like getting around in the kitchen, much less cooking.  We laid around and did nothing but go to church for the entire weekend.  Now, on Weight Watchers, I can have fast food as long as I count it, but several times in one week is never good.  And I know I didn't have enough fluids because my throat hurt and I didn't want to drink or eat anything for several days.  

So, today, the new week begins.  I am back at it and would love to see about 2-3 lbs lost this week.  My mom and I talked about possibly joining a gym together and I know that would super speed up my weight loss.  I have The Firm videos at home, and I like them, but I am more steady at exercise if I go away from home.  Once I get home, I think of 100 other things I need to do and tend to put it off.  I am waiting to make some more money from my side job and then I can pay for a 6 month membership all at once.  Until then, I'm really trying to amp up my walking at work and exercise at home.  

As for the food part...the last two weeks have been tough.  I have craved everything that has sugar, salt or fat and no matter what I eat, it didn't satisfy.  You know, grapes will never taste like a Snickers candy bar no matter how you eat them!  Not to offend any of you cute little grapes out there, but it's just not your purpose in life.  =)  I am learning to like more fruits and veggies, and that's helping me find better things to snack on.  I did try cauliflower with cheese sauce.  It was by Green Giant and it was this frozen box that had like 2 servings in it and it only had 1 point per serving.  (If you're not familiar, Weight Watchers gives each food a points value and I get 37 points per day).  I brought that box to work, popped it in the microwave and sat down to eat.  It looked delicious covered in cheese sauce.  WRONG!  I put that smelly cauliflower in my mouth and all I can say is....ICK!  I was sitting in our break room with a few other people and I'm trying to not gag and run to the trash and spit it out.  It was a lovely situation.  I managed to chew and swallow without   drawing much attention, but that box promptly went to the trash.  EPIC FAIL on the veggie front.  

As I look up the page, I've rambled on again.  Since my last weight loss post, I've seriously considered starting a separate blog about weight loss, tips, recipes, etc.  What do you all think?  Is that something you'd be interested in reading?