Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tic Tacs!

Pinterest has struck again!  I tell ya...I think they put something addictive on there so you can't stay away!  Kinda like nicotine in cigarettes....

"I...can't help...myself!"
(from You've Got Mail)

So I'm sitting here trying to get back into work after lunch and Pinterest just kept calling my name until I finally cracked.  And, of course, I found something fabulous!  Check this out...

I wish I was as smart as the person that came up with this.  I need some brain pills or something because I'm so jealous of this great idea.  I am sitting here thinking I need to run to Sam's and get a giant pack of tic tacs so I can make some of these.  I'm thinking you could use them for anything...brads, eyelets, bling....  The possibilities are endless.  You can view this on Pinterest here.

I think I'm gonna check out the dollar store and see if they have some generic (?) tic tacs in a big pack.  I am definitely trying this, so I'll be sure post photos when I do.  If you try it, I would love to see pictures!