Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Tags

Woo hoo!  I actually got some crafting done this weekend.  My desk and Cricut were certainly feeling neglected.  Being back at my desk crafting surely made for a happy Saturday.  Once a month, we have a Sunday afternoon staff meeting at church.  Since the meeting was today, I wanted to make some Christmas goodies to take to everyone.  Here are some of the tags I made...

I tried to make each tag to match the boxes they went with.  The boxes came from Target's dollar spot.  For this one, I decided on candy since it had a candy train on it.  The candy was made using a circle punch.  I punched several in white and several in different colors, then cut the colored circles in quarters and attached to the white.  I cut up a small treat bag and attached the wrapping to each one using glue dots.  As you can tell, I messed up the stamp on the word "Christmas" but I was tired and lazy and just left it!

This tag and snowman came from Winter Woodland.  (I love that cart!)  I cut the tag in white and kraft, then cut the snow from the white and adhered it.  I stamped the snowflakes in white and embossed them.  I added bling for the buttons on the snowman.

I am not too thrilled with this tag.  The layout didn't look how I wanted, then I added glitter embossing powder to the sentiment and it made it hard to read.  I like the color scheme and the mittens and hat, but don't love how the words look.

This was super simple, but I really like it!  I got the inspiration from Pinterest.  I cut a circle out 5 times, then folded them in half and glued together to form the ornament.  I added holly leaves and some bling (for berries).  The sentiment is my favorite Christmas stamp and came from the dollar bin at Michael's.

This tag was cut using Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.  The holly leaves came from Winter Woodland and I added bling for the berries.  The stamp is from the dollar bin at Walmart.

This is made using the same mittens and hat as on the earlier tag.  For the sentiment, I stamped it using clear Versamark ink, then embossed it with silver.  I colored in the letters with my white gel pen, because they weren't showing up very well.  I added some stitching and accents with the white pen as well.  The round tag is from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.

I have mixed feelings about this tag.  I decided to use a stamp and color it in.  When I took my picture, it washed out the hat, which is actually light purple with a green band.  I colored the hat using Sakura Glaze pens and the rest was colored with watercolor pencils.  I don't have any fancy Copic markers or anything like that, so I don't normally color in my stamps.  I added snowflakes stamped with clear Versamark ink, then embossed with translucent glitter powder.  I added bling to the snowman in place of buttons.

As I mentioned before, I haven't crafted in a couple of weeks.  I didn't have alot of time when I made these tags, so I was working feverishly.  Now, normally, I am a pretty neat crafter.  I have a very small desk that sits in my living room, so I usually pick up my mess as I go.  Yesterday, that was not the case.  Here's what happens when I craft in a hurry....

This is the center of my tiny desk.  As you can tell, I would use something, then just throw it down on the desk instead of putting it back.  This is horrible!!!!  It still looks this way because I finished these last night and had a super busy day at church today.  I will be cleaning it tomorrow because I can't stand this eyesore in the corner of my living room.  I am quite embarrassed and can't believe I shared my mess with you, but it is what it is!  I thought I'd give you a glimpse of how I get when I work in a hurry.  

I hope you all have a great Monday tomorrow!