Monday, November 14, 2011

Business Cards

Hola Amigos!  I had a discussion with my friend a few weeks ago about business cards, so I wanted to share some examples with you that I made.  I've only done a few craft shows over the last few years, but I've noticed there's always someone who wants a card with your email or # on it.  I decided I didn't want plain printed business cards, so I embellished mine.  I figure a paper crafter needs a crafty card, right?  Here's what I did.

(Disclaimer on photos: I broke my light that came with my light box so I bought a replacement.  I'm discovering it's not as good, so please bear with the poorly lit photos until I can get another light!  On my little camera screen they looked ok, but on the computer you can really tell they need better light.)

I printed the business cards myself on cardstock.  I added a striped mat to the back of the card and then punched some flowers and layered them in the corner.  Here's my theory - If you give them a plain business card, they end up putting it in their pocket or purse and it falls to the bottom.  If you give them one that's a fun shape or has something fancy on it, they're less likely to just toss it somewhere and forget you.  I have no idea of my theory is correct...but it makes sense to me!

I also made a couple that would be great for a photography business.

On this first one, I was thinking it would be fun to make it look like film.  I realize most cameras are digital now and don't use film, but who cares!  It's still fun!  I used George and Basic Shapes to make the rectangle, then added smaller rectangles along the edges (using my Gypsy) and cut it out.  I just added the business card right in the middle.

For this one, I cut the camera from Create A Critter.  I printed the business card, then used the circle cut out for the lens as a pattern to cut the "card" portion.  You could also print several on a page and use the center point feature on your Cricut to cut around the wording.  I then glued the "card" onto a black oval and adhered it to the camera cut.

As I was thinking along these lines, I had several ideas that would make fun business cards.  I think it's really important to have your contact information available when you are out and about, so why not make it reflect your personality and style?  Never be boring!  =)

Have a blessed day!