Friday, September 2, 2011


I'm sooooo happy it's Friday, aren't you?  For those of you in the good ol' USA, it's a holiday weekend, so for most of us that means an extra day off work.  Woohoo!  I took an extra day off, so I don't have to go back until Wednesday.  If you can't tell, I'm really excited to have the long weekend.  I have big plans to clean out my spare bedroom.  It honestly looks like some type of natural disaster hit that room.  It started out being pretty organized, but as we've accumulated stuff, it's gotten totally out of control.  My hubby calls it my "Monica Closet".  I don't know how many of you were fans of the show Friends, but Monica was a character on there that was normally very organized and clean.  Her husband discovers this closet in their apartment that's locked and he's dying to know what's in there.  Once he gets it open, it's piled to the ceiling with miscellaneous junk.  So, Charles calls the spare room my "Monica Closet" because normally I like things very tidy and in order.  I gave up on this room a long time ago.  Here's a link to the clip from the show, if you'd like to see it:  Friends - The Secret Closet  (Disclaimer - My spare room isn't quite as bad as this closet.  Just had to clear that up!!)

Now, on to more important things.  Today, I wanted to share a birthday card I made.  At first, this card wasn't making me smile.  But as it evolved, I really like it. 

For the base of the card, I used the card feature on Life's A Party.  This card base is actually supposed to be a coffin for an over the hill party, but I love the shape so I used it.  For the liner, I used the hide/contour feature and hid the wording.  The cupcake comes from Birthday Bash.  I think this is my favorite cupcake cut on any of the carts I own.  I just love that cheerful cherry on top!

All the patterned paper is from a stack by K&Company.  I cut the cherry and leaves twice and layered them for some dimension.  I used red craft foam instead of regular foam dots so it's not as noticeable from the side.  I inked all the edges with brown.

On the cherry, I added a white highlight with my gel pen, inked the edges and then added Glossy Accents.  I was behind the times and just bought my first bottle this summer.  How did I ever live without it?  =)

I stamped the sentiment (from Michael's Dollar Bin) and then added some twine to finish it off. 

On the inside, I just added a plain liner and stamped Happy Birthday.  My hubby, whose opinion I ask before giving any cards away, said this was a "winner", so I'm thinking of making more of this style to have on hand.  I was thinking maybe some with bright pinks, greens, blues and maybe even one with black and white paper.  The possibilities are endless...especially since I continue to buy paper packs and my supply is growing!

I just realized I've rambled on quite a while now, so I shall stop.  I hope you all have a fabulously blessed and happy weekend!