Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stamping Solutions–Week 5

We’re coming to the end of the month, thus I’ll be sharing my last project using Stamping Solutions.  For this week’s project, I used the the butterfly cut, on blackout.

blue butterfly 6

I cut the butterflies at 1 1/4”.  I cut them in a bunch of colors and then settled on a rainbow-ish theme.

blue butterfly 2

I folded each butterfly at the wings to make them stand out.

blue butterfly 4

I used a plain white background for the card because I wanted something super simple. 

red butterfly 4

I put a tiny line of glue just in the center of each butterfly so only the middle portion was attached to the card.

red butterfly 2

On the first card, I just attached each butterfly to the card.  For this one, I glued a butterfly down flat in each color and then added another one on top.  I am not sure which one I like better…

red butterfly 3

To finish them off, I added a stamped sentiment to each.  I do apologize for the bad pics; I took them late at night and didn’t have much light around.

I hope you all are having a fabulous day!  Thanks for looking at my creations.  It’s always the highlight of my day to share them with you all.