Friday, August 26, 2011

Back To School!

Don't you love back to school time?  I do!  I have no children, but I love it for the great sales on office and crafting supplies!  =)  As I've mentioned a time or two, I think office supplies are exciting.  I know, I know.  I'm odd, huh?  Anyway, I made little cards of encouragement for the kids in my class at church and thought I'd share them with you today.  Please bear with the sloppy pictures.  I spent most of last week on my couch, on strong medication, with a heating pad on my ear.  I thought I had a toothache, but when I went to the doctor, they said my ear was full of fluid and most likely infected.  This was the worst ear infection I've ever had.  The pain was quite intense, so I did little to nothing for about 4 days, and then only got up because I had to go work after missing 3 days.  So, when I took these pics, I was feeling terrible and took them super fast before my hubby dropped the cards in the mail for me.

For all the cards, I used Simply Charmed.  I have been waiting for back to school time, just to cut this notebook paper.  I just love his little happy face.

 I added some stitching with my white gel pen to help this out.  It still looks a little plain to me.

When cutting the notebook paper, the cricut puts little score lines where the lines should be.  I used a ruler and colored pencils to trace these to make the lines on the paper. 

I mailed these to the kids in my class at church to let them know I hoped their first week of school went well and to tell them I was praying for them to have a blessed and happy school year.  I heard they enjoyed them - I know how kids love to get things in the mail!