Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A day late....

Happy Wednesday to you all!  I am a day late posting this, so my apologies.  I was due to post the new project from the cartridge of the month yesterday and since I had the day off work and was "in the zone" cleaning feverishly, I totally forgot!  Major blonde moment!  Anyway, since it's a new month, it's time for a new cartridge.  This month, I'll be exploring Simply Charmed.  At first, I was hesitant to buy this cartridge.  I like alot of the cuts, but I don't want everything I make to have a smiley face.  So, when I got my Gypsy, I ordered it right away because I can hide the faces if I want.  Sometimes they're cute, but sometimes, they just don't go, you know?

I made this card for my brother's birthday.  He turned 32 last week and I wanted to make a silly card because I sorta feel like neither of us ever grew up!  I will be 36 this month and I still feel like a kid at times.  I have wanted to use this burger cut forever.  Since I was giving him a gift card to a burger restaurant, I thought it would be perfect.  Not your normal birthday card, but oh well!

The burger comes from Simply Charmed.  I used patterned paper for the lettuce, tomato and meat.  It looked sorta boring with solid colors.  I inked the edges with brown ink and added wiggly eyes.  I love this little burger man!! 

I cut the fries and box by hand because I don't have a cart with fries on it.  I inked the edges of the fries as well using brown ink.  I put some of the fries in there using my ATG gun and some using some foam tape so there would be some dimension.

The stamp is from a cupcake set by Hero Arts.  I stamped it in black and then embossed it with clear powder.  I think embossing is grand, don't you?  It makes my cards happier, I'm sure.

On the inside, I stamped "Happy Birthday" and added a sleeve to hold the gift card.  Although this was simple, I enjoyed making this card.  Sometimes it's such fun to just be silly, isn't it?  I love fancy, detailed cards, but occasionally it's great to do something completely silly!

One last thing....  A few months ago I asked for your input on my cartridge of the month selections.  There were many requests for me to use Elegant Edges.  I haven't forgotten your requests; I just don't have that cart.  I will confess a big secret to you guys if you promise not to tell - I am really cheap when it comes to buying cartridges!  (Gasp!!!)  I have looked for this cart on EBay and it's going for around $50+ and I just haven't been able to pay that much yet.  If you all have any suggestions on a good place to find a great deal on this or other carts, I would love to have your input.  I am keeping my eyes open and will purchase it one of these days.

Thanks for stopping by today!