Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Funny!

Happy Friday everyone!  I have had a super busy week, so I don't have a project to share with you today.  I am working on a couple of time consuming things, so I'll hopefully share those soon.  Because I know you were all on pins and needles - and waiting to hear this - I finished the majority of my cleaning in the junk room I spoke about last week!  Yippee!  Like I said, I'm sure you were just dying to know if I got it done or not, so I had to share...ha ha. 

Since I don't have project to post, I thought I'd share a funny link with you.  My husband saw this on "Attack of the Show" last night and we thought it was seriously hilarious.  These guys can rock!  =)  Enjoy!  Here's the link to the You Tube video in case you can't see it below:  Dancers

 I'm impressed with their skill, how about you?

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!  I will be back soon with some projects to share.