Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spare Cards?

Do any of you ever make cards and not post them on your blog or never give them away because they are just so-so?  I do!  Way too often, in fact.  Today I thought I'd share a card with you from my "Spare Cards" stack.  I don't wanna throw it away and waste it, but don't really know anyone that would love it either.

A few weeks ago, I did the Old School Cartridge Blog Hop and used Wild Card as my cartridge of choice.  This was a card I originally made for that and never used.  All the cuts are from Wild Card.

I tried to use up some scraps, so all this paper is from my scrap drawer.  I originally thought the frame would be really cute in polka dot paper, but since it cut off alot of the dots, it didn't look great.

Then, there's the bird.  He just makes me sad.  Can't you hear him saying "Where are my wings?".  He just looks odd to me.  He needs a wing.  I gave him an eye with my black Sharpie because prior to that he was really sad.  I should have somehow added a wing.  Oh well....poor, sad bird.  Then, I smeared my dots on the letters and had to try to remove the smears before they dried on there permanently.

Finally, I added the ribbon using glue dots.  When I decided I wanted to change it, it was stuck on so well I couldn't take it off.  I really don't hate this card.  I just don't have a special place in my heart for it either.  That's why it goes in the "Spare Cards" drawer.  Someday, I may have the perfect occasion to use it, who knows?
Have a wonderfully fabulous day!