Thursday, August 4, 2011

Say Cheese!

My friend at church ordered some cards from me last week.  He asked for 5 thank you cards, 3 masculine and 2 feminine.  The 2 girlie ones - No prob Bob.  Easy as pie!  So, moving on to the masculine ones, I started hitting the wall, but made it through 2 of them.  Then came the big challenge.  You see, my friend Jimmy is a photographer.  He just had a conference and wanted to send a thank you card to a fellow photographer, who happens to be male.  He asked that his card have a photography theme.  4 attempts later and this is what I came up with.

Let me start out by saying I do realize this is not a Polaroid camera and yes those are supposed to look like Polaroid pictures.  But oh well!  I like em anyway!  I made the white "frame" for the picture using a couple of squares from George and Basic Shapes.  I cut the cityscape from Plantin Schoolbook.  

The camera is from Create a Critter.  I cut the gray parts from metallic paper (I know it's hard to see in the pic) and added glossy accents to the lens to make it shiny.

I also added some black cord to the camera for a strap and put it on with foam tape to make it stand out.  I wrote thank you on the picture with a Sharpie.  I was going for the look of someone documenting their pictures like they did back in the day.  Remember when people took Polaroid pictures and wrote the names and dates on the bottom?  I do.  Vaguely.  I never had a Polaroid camera, but I do remember going to school or church and them taking our picture for mother's day crafts using a Polaroid.  How did we ever take pictures without a digital camera and photo editing software?????

I would never have known I'd have this much trouble with this simple card.  When I know someone is paying me their hard earned cash for cards, I tend to OBSESS over them a bit too much.  I want them to be happy with the finished product and feel they got their money's worth.  I would hate for them to give someone a hideous card with my name on the back of it!  Or....gasp!  Pay me for a card they're too embarrassed to give away because they think it looks bad.  I know I'm probably the only one who does this, but my type A personality can't help it.

One last thing, I promise!  As I mentioned, my friend Jimmy is a photographer.  He does a podcast each week with photo tips and ideas and offers instructional CD's and DVD's for sale.  If you want to learn some tips or become better at photography, you should check him out at the Photo Tips site.  I promise, he's not paying me to say this, it's my honest opinion!

Well, that's it for today.  Have a blessed and happy Thursday!