Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gratitude - Stamping Solutions Week 1

Since it's now August, it's time for another cartridge to explore.  This month, I'm going to be exploring the Stamping solutions cartridge.  I realize it's an older cartridge, but I really like this cart.  I got it really cheap on Ebay and have used it quite a bit.  As I've gotten new carts, though, I find I forget about my older ones.  I don't want them to feel neglected, so I gotta use them.  =)

As I said a few days ago, it seems like all I've been making lately are thank you cards.  So, Surprise!  Guess what I have for you today!  I made this for my sister in law for all her help with my craft booth a few weeks ago.

I made the base by welding two of the scalloped squares from this cart together.  I cut the mat just a bit smaller to show a little of the edge.

I added a button to the corner and tied some twine around it.  I put it on with a pop up glue dot.  (Is that what you call the thick ones???)

I cut a few extra layers of the shadows of the words and tree so they would have more dimension.  I cut a scrap of yellow paper and put it in the tree so the cute little birdie would stand out. 

I'll have more from this cartridge next week.  Until then, If you've made anything using this cartridge, I'd love to see it!