Friday, July 8, 2011

Long Time....No Posts!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I feel like I've been away forever.  It's really funny because although I've never met most of you, I really miss you when I don't post.  Isn't that bizarre?  Makes me think of a movie.....

"I pretend that we're the oldest and dearest friends- as opposed to what we actually are- people who don't know each other's names and met in a chat room where we both claimed we'd never been before."

In case you don't recognize it, that's a quote from You've Got Mail.  Best. Movie. Ever. In my humble opinion. =)  Don't know what made me think of that really, except thinking of being friends with all you whom I've never met.  If you haven't seen it, you should watch it.  And if you have, you should watch it again! 

Anyway, I have to apologize because I totally missed posting the project this week from the cartridge of the month for July.  I have it done and saved on my camera, but I've been really busy getting ready for something next week and it totally slipped my mind.  I will get it posted soon, I promise. 

Today I thought I'd share some pictures with you from a long time ago.  I've had these on my thumb drive for a while and am not sure why I've never posted them.  I can't remember which cartridges I used for all of them, but I'll list the ones I do.

These are the sets I made for the order I received for Teacher Appreciation Week back in April.  There were 5 men, so I made the plain, non-glitzy style for them.  This shape is from George and Basic Shapes.

For each one, I covered the binder clip with coordinating paper and then made the bookmark.  You can't really tell from the pics, but the bookmarks are folded in half with a magnet in the middle so they sandwich the page.  I wish I'd taken a picture of the inside.  The tulips are from Simply Charmed.

 I designed the bookmarks using my Gypsy.  It took some tweaking, but it was pretty simple.

I believe this flower came from Serenade, but am not 100% sure of it!  If you are interested in knowing the exact cartridge, please email me and I can check my Gypsy when I get home.

 I am going to make some of these over the weekend for the booth I'll have at an event on Monday and Tuesday, so I'll try to take pictures of the inside and post those next week. 

 They are really simple to make and make great gifts!  Thanks for stopping by today and have a wonderful day!