Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts...sorta

As some of you probably remember, I posted a few weeks ago that I was doing a big project and was super busy.  I'm finally getting around to sharing some of that stuff with you.  I was tasked with making gifts for teacher appreciation, however, some of the gifts were to go to the cafeteria, janitorial, and crossing guard staff.  Instead of doing the desktop post it holders for these folks (since they don't really have a desk...), we decided on a post it holder for your pocket or purse.  Here's what I did.
 Obviously, this is not an original idea.  I've seen these all over the web and I love them.  I carry one with me in my coupon box and love it!  I prefer to use the brightly colored post its, but since I wasn't sure what paper I was using until I actually made them, I stuck with plain, boring yellow for all of them.
I also made some blue and green ones using the same patterned paper as the pink, but didn't take pictures of those for some reason?  Who knows why? 
Although I'm TOTALLY a pink girl, this one is my favorite.  I love that patterned paper, which is odd because I hated it in the mat stack until I put on this little pad cover. 
I tried to add pens in matching colors.  Some of the pens are from Staples and some came from the dollar store (I think Dollar Tree...). 
When I took these to church to the lady that ordered them, this was everyone else's favorite.  I do like the shimmery silver accents on the paper.  I only had one little piece of this paper, so could only do one with this pattern.
I really hope they like them and are able to use them.  I just think they are a great project and so easy!
Here's a pic of all the styles I made.  Since they were only for the non-teaching staff, I only had to make 8 of them.  You should definitely try these for stocking stuffers, co-workers gifts, etc.  I love, love, love em!