Monday, March 14, 2016

Wedding Shower Fun

A few months ago, one of my dearest friends got married.  None of us are drinkers or big into partying, so a bachelorette party wasn't going to happen.  I decided to throw her a sexy shower instead!

I went with pink and gold for the colors and loved how it turned out!  I thought I'd share some pics with you because I was on a tight budget and was still able to do an elegant shower.

The lighting in this room is really poor, so please ignore the yucky photo.  We sat up the drinks in the kitchen dining area, and this was on that table.  I bought a frame from Michael's and then purchased the gold foil honeycomb paper at Hobby Lobby. I covered the mat with the paper, then used gold vinyl for the wording.   I let the bride take this framed art home but now I want one!  I think I'll have to make me one...

I bought several candle holders at the dollar store and glittered those babies like crazy!  They were everywhere.  Thankfully, my mother has a serious obsession with cake plates, so she had tons we could use to elevate our decorations and make it fancier.

As you can see, I love my gold vinyl! Everything that didn't get glitter, got vinyled!!  I use several paper punches to make dots and then did simple stripes on some.

I also made some big confetti using vellum paper and placed it around the table. This fab candle holder came from a 70% off shelf at Hobby Lobby.

It's hard to see in this pic, but I made ring dishes as favors. I used gold vinyl and put their first initial on each bowl, them put in a cute bag and tied with a bow!

More cheap candles looking all fancy...

The night before the shower, I found this cute cup at Michael's. Of course, I had to personalize it for the bride!

Just a few more shots of the spread...

That's all folks! I just thought I'd share some ideas for an easy and cheap party!