Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I {heart} Handwriting! (And, of course, pens...)

A few of the buckets on my craft desk...
I love writing letters.

As in letters of the alphabet.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved writing.  I can remember, as a child, I would get a blank piece of paper and my big box of markers and go to town.  I am sure there were times I drew pictures, but what I remember most is writing words.  I would write names, then trace around each letter with different colored markers until it filled the page with glorious, rainbow lettering.  My parents tell me I've always had an affinity for pens, markers and writing in general.  They say, as a child, I would just sit and draw words then decorate the letters and make them pretty.

I think I must have been a weird kid.

Fast forward to the present...  Nothing has changed.  I adore pens of all kinds.  I adore handwritten notes.  I adore gorgeous rainbow colored ink.  I adore lovely stationery.  I just love it all!

Japanese Stationery Store.  Yes, Please!!!!!!!!
Along with my love of writing, I love handwritten things.  I think handwriting says so much about someones personality.  The style of the letters, the color and type of pen used, even the paper says a lot about you.  My hubby and I are prime examples of this....

Let's say we are each going to make a shopping list.  I will pull out several colors of pens (which I have with me at all times, by the way).  Sometimes it will be felt tip; other times a bold, gel pen.  The pen I use is directly dependent on my mood at the time.  After I've carefully chosen a few pens to use, I then must choose the correct paper.  Lined? Unlined?  Again, it depends on the mood.  I will carefully write out the list, often putting it in order the items are laid out in the store.  If I mess up, I'm very likely to re-write the entire list.  I write in a slow and methodical manner because neatness matters to me.  Writing the list is a process I thoroughly enjoy.  I told you I was weird.

My husband, on the other hand, will grab a pen.  He ONLY uses black, extra fine tip pens.  No variety.  No excitement.  Just simple, predictable, boring black.  He doesn't look for a great notepad to write it on.  Anything will do.  He'll use a receipt, a scrap of paper or an envelope that previously held his paycheck.  He will write his list in no particular order, scribbling some illegible words as he goes.  He does not care if the list is neat, tidy or pretty.  It's a shame, really.

Now that you know about our lists, Let me give you a short summary of our personalities...

I am flamboyant; he is subdued.
I am bubbly; he is serious.
I am frivolous; he is practical.
I love sparkly pink; he loves flat black.
I am excessive; he's a minimalist.

You get the point.

My theory makes perfect sense, right?

I realize I'm rambling here, but really, is there a better subject to ramble on about?  I think not.


I know I cannot be the only one who feels this way about my beloved pens.  Do you love great pens?  Gel? Felt tip? Roller ball?

Tell me all about your pen love.  I could chat about pens all day...