Monday, August 24, 2015

My week on Pinterest

Worst Monday morning idea ever?


I came to work today feeling pretty good.  I had plans to tackle the many stacks on my desk and have everything caught up by this afternoon.  Then it happened. 

I opened Pinterest.  

Just to check on a recipe, I told myself.  

"I will just check the ingredients so I can grab them on the way home." I thought.  

Let's be real, people.  We never "just check the ingredients" on Pinterest.  It's a slippery slope.

I figured since I wasted so much time there, you might want to know what I found.  If I'm going down that slope, I'm taking you with me!

Here are some of my pins for today...

Doesn't this look scrumptious?  I have recently jumped back on the Weight Watchers wagon and I'm trying to find things to curb my sweet tooth.  That smooth lemon goodness is calling my name.

This is a really cool site with all kinds of Bible reading plans.  I normally do my Bible study/reading in the evenings, but I've been trying to start my days with something peaceful, so I started this today!

I {heart} this hair!  I wish mine was that full and wavy and pink.  I would totally dye my hair like this.

After my last post, I was thrilled to find this!  I have really been trying to get my brain under control and things like this help me.  Check it out...

I love pickles!  Especially Claussen.  They are uncooked and you buy them in the refrigerated section of the store.  I have wanted to try my hand at pickles for a while now and my hubby and I decided in a week, we're doing it.  These look like a good one to try.

What are you pinning today?