Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Box Cards....again!

Last week, I shared a box card I made for Mother's Day and I wanted to share the other with you today.  

As most of you know, we moved a few months back.  When we moved, the lights I use for taking my photos got broken.  I must apologize for the pitiful pictures.  My hubby is helping me create a new light box and set up now, but it's not done yet.  Just ignore the bad pics, ok?  Pretend they look perfect and pretty and fancy!!

This is the same file I used on the other box card.  All the papers (on both cards) are by Recollections from Michaels.  These papers are some of my faves, but they're very thin so you have to really tweak your settings when cutting them.

 This is the second card I made and as you can see, my printing and cutting is a little better than before...

 Again, please ignore the horrible shadows.  What an awful pic!

And last, the outside of the box/card.  I love this yellow paper.  It's sunny and happy and fun!

Have a great day!