Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine felt very productive - except for the time I spent on Pinterest, of course.  I hadn't visited the world of Pinterest in a while, so Saturday afternoon I made up for it!  Now, on to my true reason for posting...

The last few weeks as I'd taken some time off from the blog, I would find myself seeing something interesting and thinking "I need to share that with my readers!".  There are many other things in life, besides paper, that make me happy.  Although this blog will still basically revolve around paper crafting, I thought I would start sharing a few other things that I love, like or just find interesting.  As someone who follows a ton of blogs, I always enjoy when someone posts something new or different.  So, that's what I want to do here.  I hope it's ok with all of you if I occasionally share something non-paper related!

I know I've mentioned this before, but in case you're new or don't remember, I love writing instruments of all kinds!  And by that I mean I am obsessed with them and collect them feverishly.  I own hundreds (yes, that's plural!) of pens, highlighters, pencils and markers.  I have always enjoyed typography and lovely handwriting, so the pens go hand in hand with that. OK, time for a confession.  When I have a bad or stressful day, I don't reach for wine or cigarettes to calm me; I go pen shopping.  True story.  Walking into Staples and seeing all the beautiful colors of pens just makes my heart happy.  I realize this is a sickness and I don't want to get better if that means I must let go of my lovely pens.

All of that being said, I thought I would occasionally share with you some recommendations for what I think are the best writing instruments.  I don't have a lot of fancy, expensive pens - I prefer the cheaper ones that come in a rainbow of colors.  Just to prove it, here's a pic I just took of my desk at work, where I am typing this post. (I snapped it with my phone and the camera's terrible, so ignore the bad quality)

These are the pens and highlighters that I keep out on my desk at work.  I believe everything looks better written in rainbow colors!  In the the square black cup on the right, I have 5 different sets of pens that are rollerball, gel, ballpoint and felt tip.

This is one of my desk drawers.  I rotate the pens on my desk with the pens in the drawer because I like variety.  Of course, the ones on the desk get hidden in the drawer at the end of the day.  I work for doctors who have sticky fingers when looking for pens, so I have to protect my babies when I'm away from my desk!

Now that I've given you the lengthy explanation of my obsession collection, you should now know I am an expert on all things pens!  A self-proclaimed expert, but that's ok, right?  In the future, I'll be sharing some recommendations and reviews with you.

Have a blessed Monday!