Saturday, December 29, 2012

Remember Me?

Hi everyone!  Remember me?  My name is Cheryl and I used to be a blogger.  For the last few weeks, I'm not sure what I've been!  I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know I'm back...finally!  Things had gotten a little hectic in my life so I took a week or two off, then I just got lazy.  So where have I been? last post was December 12th, so it's actually only been a little over 2 weeks.  Normally, when I create, I take the pics at home and edit them on my work computer during my breaks because it's a much bigger, nicer monitor than I have at home.  We had someone leave our office, and now I'm covering about 70% of her job, as well as mine, so the breaks are few and far between.  Combine that with busy evenings and that leaves me with a ton of unedited pictures on my thumb drive just waiting to be shared.

Besides all that, I got busy with all things Christmas.  During that time I got a nasty stomach bug with lasted almost 4 days!!!!!!!!!!  Then the day after that got better, I got a terrible sore throat along with an earache and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and a virus.  I can say I am finally feeling better, but it was almost 2 weeks of just coming home from work and laying around because my energy was gone.  I also hosted a Christmas party for my helpers at church and made a ton of goodie bags and cards for my co-workers.

That's the short version of where I've been.  I hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas holiday.  Since we all survived the end of the world (those silly Mayans), we are now speeding toward 2013.  Can  you believe it?  Time goes by so quickly.

I still don't have a project to share with you, but about an hour ago, I finished cleaning out my desk and I'm headed there now.  I plan on crafting the day away and hope to be back with cards and goodies by next week.  I am going to enjoy being lazy for the next few days (until my return to work on Jan 2), then it's back to the grind.

Until then, have a fabulous weekend!