Monday, November 26, 2012

After the Holiday Hiatus!

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a long and wonderful holiday weekend!  I wanted to touch base with you and let you know I'm going to take an "after-the-holiday" hiatus for a few days.  The last 3 weeks have been filled with many busy and stressful things and I just need a break.  My house looks like this... obsessive brain will not allow me to function properly in a mess!  I have trouble going to sleep knowing my house is messy and I've had to do just that for a few days and I'm so done with it.  I have several cards and projects done and ready to share, but I haven't taken photos yet.  I hope to spend a few days doing laundry, cleaning house, getting things in order for the upcoming season and relaxing.  Then I'll get some photos taken and be right back here with ya!  I hope you all have a wonderful week.


P.S. I couldn't resist - I had to go Black Friday shopping!  I had posted last week how I was going to stay home and sleep in.  It didn't happen.  I couldn't help myself!