Sunday, September 16, 2012

Halloween Inspiration!

I've been saving up some great inspiration to share with you all!  There have been a few times in my life where I've made something and thought "Wow, that was pretty good!".  Most of the time, it's not perfect, and the perfectionist in me will critique it to death.  I have to say...if I'd come up with the projects below, I'd be mighty proud of myself and not critique it at all!  I have just a twinge of jealousy over the talent of these ladies...

from Tracy's Cricut Corner
Too much cuteness!!!

from Doodlebug Designs Inc

These are super cute!  They're made from little 3x3 cards cut up.  Click the link under the picture for details.

from Cricut Blog
This is from the Cricut Blog.  These little treat bags look really easy but are so cute!  I love the button eyes!

I haven't started on any fall or Halloween projects.  Our temperature here yesterday was still 95 degrees, so I hadn't been feeling too fall-ish.  I can happily say today it's rainy, overcast and cool!  Hallelujah!