Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fun project!

Before I started this blog, I made cards only as I needed them.  I never had a surplus or extra on hand.  That is no longer the case...

I now have many cards waiting to be used and they are all piled in a messy drawer.  Whenever I need a birthday or sympathy card, I have to dig to find the card, then dig to find the envelope.  When I saw this on Pinterest, I thought this may be my solution.


I've seen these mini magazine holders before and never paid much attention to them, honestly.  I thought these were really cute and clicked on the link and there was a fabulous tutorial!  You can go to the Embellish Me blog and see all the details.  I was thinking it would be great to make a few of these to go on the shelf in my spare room so I can easily find a card when I need it.  Have any of you ever made or used these before to store your cards?  This is definitely going on my to do list!  When I make them, I'll share the pics with you all.

Have a great day!