Friday, July 27, 2012

Font Friday - Be Still & Know

Normally, I am totally drawn to fonts that are swirly and fancy.  Not today.  In my opinion, this font is a great back-to-school font.  It's fun and quirky and very easy to read.  There are so many fonts out there that I love, but when you type a sentence with them, you can't read it.  I have started trying out the font's "readability" before I keep it in my stash.

Here's today's font:

Don't you wish you could write like this?  I do!  I can write pretty neatly, but the uniformity of these letters brings a smile to my face.  It's makes the type A personality inside of me do a happy dance!  

You can download this font HERE.

I really want to make a font of my own handwriting, but have only found places that charge.  I'm a couponer and I admit I'm cheap.  Do any of you know anywhere you can do this for free?  I will pay if I have to, but the bargain shopper in me has to check around first!

Have a great day!