Monday, May 14, 2012


Happy, Happy Monday!  I have to say that to convince myself because this is a Monday where I'd love to have just laid in bed and rested for a bit.  That 6:00am alarm came way too early today.  For all of you who got to sleep in this morning, I'm jealous!

I have one last teacher appreciation project to share with you...and it's totally a stolen idea!  I saw these over at Crap I've Made and loved them, so I decided to try to make some.

As with the paper clips I posted over the weekend, I took pictures after they were packaged, so please forgive the glare.

These were fairly easy to make, once I figured out the pattern.  I made 65 of them, so by the end, I was sick of them!  But, if you're only making a few, this is a fairly fast and easy project.

To make my pattern (thanks to my husband's good thinking), I adhered a big piece of paper to the blade using removable adhesive.  I then cut around it with a craft knife to make my pattern.  After that, I traced that onto a piece of paper, then copied it onto the back of my cardstock.  I could have just traced and cut, but again, I had to make 65, so it was easier to scan the pattern in and print/copy onto my paper.

Once I had them all cut out, I glued the paper to the blades using Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive.  I love that glue.  It sticks to practically everything and dries super fast.  Here's a link, if you're interested.

After the paper was stuck to the blade, I coated the top of it with Mod Podge (Gloss Finish) and let that dry for an hour or so.  It only took one coat and they seemed to be sealed just fine.

I put each pair in a plastic treat bag, then added this tag.  I printed the tags from my computer, then punched them with my 1.5" punch and added a scallop border using my 2" scallop punch.  I tied them on with twine.  I made several more patterns, but these were all that I got pictures of.

The one tip I would give if you decide to make some is find some scissors with a straight blade and without a rivet (Isn't that what it's called?) in the blade itself.  Here's the type of scissors I would recommend:

As you can see in my pictures, the rivet is in the blade instead of the handle, so I had to try to make my pattern around that.  That was a challenge!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great day!