Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you're all doing well.  

I just saw on the news that the Dallas, TX area was hit by some bad tornadoes.  If any of you are near there or have family near there, I said a prayer for you.  I feel so sad for those poor people affected by this.  I HATE tornadoes.  You will never understand them unless you've lived where they are.  They are horrible and can come of out nowhere, sometimes with almost no warning.  Scary is an understatement.  I can remember as a kid we would run and hide in the bathtub when we'd hear the sirens and we'd sit in there and laugh and be silly and wait.  Thankfully they never got close to us then.  I was never scared of them until one hit my parents house in 1999 and we thought everyone was gone.  I now have a healthy respect for them, that's for sure.
OK...on to happier thoughts and updates on Pink and Paper...

I mentioned last week that I had a big announcement coming soon.  I had hoped to tell you all today, but there is a slight delay.  There's a change coming to my blog and I am super excited!  I have every intention of revealing this on Monday, if not sooner, barring any further delays that are beyond my control.

I am also happy to say that I've filmed 3 more videos and am working on editing them now.  I'm really slow at that.  It's sorta pathetic.  Anyway, I hope to have at least one up this weekend.  I'm totally digging this video thing.  I can't wait to do more!  I think my second video is way better than my first so that's good for those of you that have to watch it...ha ha!

On a final note, I have tip to share with you.  {Hint....this sorta goes along with my big reveal}

I saw this online and was super impressed.  I love twine just as much as anyone else, but I'm too cheap to buy a huge spool of it at once.  (Some of those spools are $15-$20, and I want a bunch of colors, so that's too much moolah for me)  I purchased some twine from Etsy in 5 yard increments and so I have all these little spools laying in a drawer.  I'm thinking this would be so convenient to keep on my desk!  Maybe soon we'll have a more economical place to purchase twine and supplies....

Here's a closer picture of the top.  I think this idea is genius.  There are so many smart people out there.  {sigh} Wish I was one of them....  =)

Here is one other idea that would work well.  I have seen these at Ikea.

...which we don't have in Oklahoma.

...which upsets me to no end.

I {{{heart}}} Ikea.

But I digress...

If you have a good storage solution for twine or anything else, I'd love to see a picture and feature it on my blog.  Email me at pinkandpaper@gmail.com with any ideas you have.

Have a blessed day!