Thursday, March 29, 2012


Well, I'm happy to say that none of you heard a screaming fit from Oklahoma last night.  I lost weight when I went to weigh in.  All is well with the world!  Now, on to the good stuff!

I have this weird love for boxes and bags.  I must admit there are several Cricut cartridges that I've bought just for the box or bag cut on there.  For example, Spring Holiday Cards.  It's not a bad cartridge, but I've never used it and the only reason I bought it was for the Gable box cut.  Which I've never cut, I might add.  I've thought about it though.  Does that count?

Anyway, one of my favorite carts of all time is Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.  And now they have #2!!!!  Yippee Skippy!  My heart leaped with joy when I saw this cart.  And I was going to buy it right away, then I saw the price.  Now, I've admitted many times how cheap I am so I'll just say it again.  I am too cheap to pay 50 bucks for this cart, no matter how much my little heart desires it.  I've rambled on to get to this point - I found it on Amazon this morning for $34.98!!!  And now I'm the proud owner of Tags Bags Boxes and More, 2 !  I am counting the hours until it arrives at my house.  I plan on trying every cut on the cartridge, so I will be sharing all of those with you all.

This is the cheapest I've found it so far, so if you've been thinking about it, I would say buy it now!  This is still more than I would normally pay, but with the popularity of this cartridge, I don't see the price going down very quickly and I just can't wait any longer!

I'm off to do some work.  I did get some pictures finally, so I should have some "real" posts soon!

Have a happy day!