Friday, February 17, 2012

Inking Tip

Is anyone else ready for the weekend?  It's been one of those days and I just need to get out of here (work) and start my weekend!  I really like my job but there are some not-so-great situations right now that just make me want to stay home.  Come on weekend!

I wanted to share a quick tip with you today that I discovered in the wonderful world of Pinterest.  Some of you may already do this, but it was news to me!  I really like the look of inking my Cricut cuts and the edges of my cards, but it's always messy.  I've been too cheap to invest in the little dauber things, so I've been using the wedge makeup sponges and cutting them into smaller pieces.

The problem with these is that it gets all over my fingers and me no likey that!  I saw an idea to use the little eyeshadow sponges instead, so I got some.  Can I say fab-u-lous?  They work like a dream. (in my humble opinion)  And they're super cheap!  I also found that because of their size, they are great for getting in the nooks and crannies of your cuts.  I got a small pack at Walmart, but found a better deal on Amazon here:

You can get 20 of them for $1.99.  What a bargain!  =)

Hopefully this will help some of you keep your fingers nice and clear of ink.  Have a great Friday!