Friday, December 9, 2011

The lighting saga continues....

I'm not sure if any of you remember, but a few weeks ago I was having trouble with my lighting and my pictures were turning out yucky.  I thought it was fixed.  I was wrong...  

It's sorta funny, actually, because when I first started my blog, I would take pictures of my cards on my kitchen counter, my desk, my coffee table...anywhere really.  I started noticing the colors didn't look right in my pictures and wanted them to look better.  So, my dad bought me this nifty light box kit that came with the fold-up light box, 2 super bright lights and a tripod for your camera.  It all folds up in this fancy schmancy case with a handle so you can take it anywhere your heart desires.  I started using the light box and they were looking better.  

Then one of my lights died.  I took it to my dad and he fixed it, so we were good to go again.  Then, the other light died.  My hubby fixed it and we were back in business, yet again.  Fast forward to about a month ago.  The first light died again.  We decided it was the bulb so I went and bought a bulb.  It worked for about 6.5 days and now it's dead. Again.  These lights and I are not getting along.  They are a pain in my you-know-what.  

In the meantime, I had bought another light at Ikea to shine over the top of the light box to help reduce shadows and make my pictures sparkle.  =)  So, last night I used that light (along with the one from the kit that still works) to take my pictures.  As you will see in a moment, that didn't work so well.  

So, now I'm on a quest for another light.  I wouldn't think it would be that hard to get these little lamps to shine brightly and make my pictures look good.  It was their only job in this life and they failed.  So sad.  I'm sure you've heard enough about the lights now.  I actually said all of that to say...sorry my pictures are stinky today!  You can blame the dead light.

On to a new note holders!

Last night, we had our women's group Christmas party at church.  I decided I wanted to make a little gift for everyone, so I made them all post-it holders for their purse.  I made about 40 of these and each one was different, so I didn't photograph each individual one.  Here are just a few...

They are all scripture and/or faith based.  The "faith" stamp and the "Jesus..." stamp are both from Hobby Lobby.

Love this rainbow paper so much!!!

These are both made with my newest stamp from Verve stamps.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love their stamps???  They are FAB-U-LOUS.  They really should hire me to promote their products.  =)

I {heart} red, black and white!

As you can see from the photo, I made some fancy and some more casual, so hopefully each lady could find one that fit her own style.

This, again, is a stamp by Verve.  Some of the mini pens are by Staples, but this one came in a pack I got at Walmart a while ago.  

These are super easy and fun to make and they make great gifts.  I learned how to make them here.  If I'm only making a few, I sometimes add more embellishments like ribbon, flowers, etc.  Since I had to make so many and this was a last minute decision, I just made them simple this time.

If you decide to make some of these, or have made them in the past, I'd love to see them!