Monday, September 19, 2011

Useful Gypsy Information

Wow. This is my second post of the day. I'm just full of hot air, aren't I? Don't answer that! 

I wanted to share some information that some of you might find useful. If you frequent the Cricut website, you may have noticed that the Cricut Craft Room is live and ready to use now. I have been really excited about trying this out, so I was thrilled when I discovered this on Friday. I needed to do a project using Life's A Beach, so I borrowed it from my friend. Of course, I can't load it on my Gypsy, so I was going to have to cut the old fashioned way (which is unheard of in this house since Gypsy came along). Since the Craft Room was ready to use, I decided to use it with my friend's cartridge over the weekend. It's really nice because it offers the ability to do many things like Gypsy and/or Design Studio and it's all saved in your online account. I created all my cuts and hooked it up to my Cricut. It then prompted me to do a firmware update on my Cricut. BAD IDEA! Long story short, everything worked fine until I disconnected from Craft Room and went back to make some stuff with my Gypsy. I plugged in my Gypsy and got an error when I hit the cut button. It was telling me my Gypsy needed to be updated and may not cut properly. I had just updated my G and it was current.

So, I called PC today. They told me that they are just discovering (a little too late, in my humble opinion) that the firmware update for Craft Room isn't compatible with Gypsy. And I had to download a trial version of DS to get the firmware back to the correct version (on my Cricut) so it would cut properly with Gypsy. The customer service rep from PC was super nice and helpful and now Gypsy is back to normal.

I wanted to pass this along so none of you run into this. She told me you'll have to choose - Craft Room or Gypsy - but not both. I am a Cricut addict and love their products, but feel this was poor planning on their part. I have several friends that I have swapped cartridges with over the years, and the thought of being able to use them with Craft Room is really appealing to me since it offers welding, hide/contour, etc. Sadly, my experience with Craft Room was bittersweet. It was great to be able to use it in that way when I couldn't use Gypsy, but not worth the hassle with the firmware issues. Hopefully this will help some of you not make this same mistake!