Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Blog Award...Yippee!

I received another blog award from Miss Diana over at Daisylove Creations.  Thanks, Diana!  I have to apologize for being so delayed in posting this as she sent it to me several days ago.  Be sure to check out Diana's blog here.  She has some cute stuff to share.

With this award, I am asked to share 8 things about myself and pass the award on to 8 bloggers.  How can I choose only 8?  I have over 100 on my Google Reader and there are even more out there that I like.  I've narrowed it down the best I can, so here are 8 bloggers that are truly deserving of this award:

1. Lauren -
2. Momo -
3. Abby -
4. Tracy -
5. Courtney -
6. Erika -
7. Pam -
8. Corri -

Now....about me.  Hmm...Here are 8 things you may or may not know about me...

1. I think You've Got Mail is the best movie ever!  I love it and have probably watched it 500 times. 
2. I am a Christian and love God with all my heart.  He makes my life worth living.  I would have given up hope long ago if not for His love and guidance in my life.
3. I love fonts - I download more than I could ever use and keep downloading more!
4. Similar to fonts, I love beautiful handwriting and calligraphy and practice mine constantly.
5. I love to sing and do so constantly.  Sometimes I make up special songs just to entertain my hubby and   he just laughs at me.  I know, silly huh?  I'm only 35 - I don't have to grow up yet, right?
6. I LOVE coupons and bargain shopping.  I'm that annoying person in line in front of you that has a billion coupons and takes forever.  =)
7. I have no children but I love kids.  I watch those commercials on tv (you know the ones designed to make you cry) and I always say I want to adopt them all and make sure they all have shoes to wear.  It just breaks my heart to see those kids with no shoes or clothes.  I'm a big sap.  Can't help it.
8. Besides paper crafting, I love making jewelry and want to learn to knit.

There you go - Useless information about yours truly!  Thanks again to Diana for giving me this great award.  Have a blessed day!