Thursday, December 30, 2010

BIG Sale on Cricut Cartridges!

I just got 2 cartridges for $14.95 each!  If you haven’t already, go check out for their big 48 hour sale going on.  You can’t beat that bargain!  And…I got 2-3 day shipping so I should have them really soon.  Here’s what I ordered….



Every year, we do a big dinner at church where ministers from all around the state come for a day conference.  We like to decorate with a  theme and this year we’ll be serving BBQ and decorating with western stuff, so I figured I had to have this.  I will post all my projects in February after our meeting.




I have wanted this cartridge forever and for some reason never bought it.  I think it’s a must-have with those great purses and silhouette cuts!

Be sure to go check it out before the sale ends.  I’m usually a die hard EBay fan for cartridges (I’m cheap….what can I say??) but I checked these out and couldn’t even get them that cheap on EBay!