Thursday, March 3, 2016

Marco Rubio is a hottie!

If you live in the USA, and don't live under a rock, you know it's election year!

I'm super patriotic and love my country.  I love that we have the freedom to choose our leaders, even if sometimes our country goes temporarily insane when choosing!  I'm not going to go into who I think should win or why you should vote for a certain party.  I'm not up for that debate today, although I do love a good political debate.  I just wanted to make a point, then I'll jump off my soapbox.

Please, please, please be informed when you head to vote.  I was having a conversation with someone the other day and they were so uninformed about the candidates that it was pretty pathetic.  Here in Oklahoma, our primary was a couple of days ago and this person was headed to vote armed with almost no information about anyone that was on the ballot.  I was told "I'll just decide when I get there!"

WHAT?!?!?!?  Nooooooooooooooooo!!!

I know most of my readers are female, so let me just say.... Ladies, don't do this!  Do you want to live the next 4 years with a horrible president? I don't.  Do you want to see our country go further downhill?  I don't.  Do you really want to be the gal who votes for Marco Rubio because he's a hottie?  I don't.

Mr. Rubio in action!

Isn't he the cutest?  My hubby thinks he has big ears and looks like a little boy but I think he's a cutie patootie!  Why not have a hot president?

Because that's not their job!!!  They must run our country and if they're hideously ugly, but well qualified, we must vote for them.  If I go to my polling place and choose Rubio because he's the cutest, I should lose my right to vote!  I know I'm being silly now, but I am very passionate about this.  Do your family, your country and yourself a favor - study before you vote.  Make your vote count by being informed.  Don't choose based on what's popular, who's cutest or what your friends tell you!

Geez, I sound like a public service announcement.  That means it's time to shut up.  That was my two cents for the day.

One more, just because...

Have a great Thursday!