Saturday, December 5, 2015

Rudolph Lip Balm Holder

It's Christmas Time!  I love it.  I love the lights and the parties and even the crowded stores.  I completely enjoy this time of year.

One of my greatest joys is giving gifts that bring a smile to some one's face.  I don't have a ton of extra cash (paying off debt...ugh!) so I try to make the small gifts I can afford more fun.  We're doing Secret Santa at work and right now I'm compiling a bunch of small goodies to leave for her over the next few weeks.

Here's the first one...

I downloaded the reindeer file from the Silhouette Store.

I used a scalloped frame in the background.  I used the offset feature to make an outline, then added text.  The font is Grandma's Garden and you can get it at DaFont.

It wasn't designed to hold the lip balm, so I had to alter the shape of his nose to fit it.  I have seen these all over Pinterest and I think they're adorable!  I looked at several printables and used them as a starting point for sizing the hole for the nose.  This particular lip balm isn't the name brand, it's Walgreen's brand and it's a little more oval shaped than the original.

I really hope the recipient likes this!  I am going to leave it for her on Monday, so we'll see.  I have made a few other projects, but didn't have time to photograph them until today.  I'll share those later in the week.