Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fun with Vinyl!

Since purchasing my Silhouette, I have fallen in love with cutting vinyl.  Now, I realize that the Cricut I had for years could cut vinyl also, but I was sorta on my own personal strike.  I always had issues with the Cricut - even when I got my Gypsy - because the things I wanted to make required better fonts or changing of the design somewhat.  This was just not an option with the Cricut.  So, I pouted.  And didn't cut vinyl.

Fast forward to the glorious day in February when I received my Cameo.  I had vinyl I'd bought before and never used and I became a cutting fool!  I'm still getting my feet wet with the techniques and haven't quite conquered layering, but I'm having fun!

My manager is graduating from nursing school next week and gave me my first "for real" vinyl order.  The pics aren't good because I wasn't feeling well (stinking winter cold) and I didn't take time to set up a background and all that jazz.  But....I thought I'd share anyway.

I got the cups from and here's the stock photo:

And here's what she asked me to do to make them snazzy:

I put some paper inside because it was hard to see the decal.

I also took a picture of the decal before applying since it's a pain in the hiney to take a picture of a curved surface!

I found this heart shaped stethoscope by searching on Google.  I imported it into my Silhouette and traced it.

And here they are all lined up!  I messed up a few before really getting them right, but once I got a system going, they were pretty quick and simple to do.

Happy Thursday!