Saturday, July 26, 2014


Have you hear of Miss Kate Cuttables? She is a fabulous gal who designs and offers a FREE SVG file every day!  You can visit her site HERE. I love her files.  They're super cute and easy to cut and layer.

I downloaded this cute little bee from there.  I have a friend who really likes Sunflowers and I saw a similar "split card" (don't know the official name...ha ha) made using a daisy.  I thought I would try one with a sunflower and the bee.

I created the base for the card in my Silhouette software.  It was really hard to photograph, but it's pretty cute in person.  The card measures around 5"x 5".

When I cut the little bee he was so tiny, I had to draw on the eyes and mouth.  I added everything to the front with several layers of foam to make it POP!  

On another subject, I am in the process of creating a planner/home management binder/budget book....etc.  Do any of you use that on a daily or weekly basis?  I purchased several items in the ARC line of products by Staples and am trying to design my own pages.  Once it's complete, I will share it all with you, but was wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions as I'm setting it up?  I hope to have sections for meal planning, budgeting, blog posts, calendar and notes/receipts. If you aren't familiar with the ARC system, here's a link to their products:

Have a blessed day,