Friday, February 21, 2014

Simple Thank You Card

TGIF!!!  It's my first week back at work and I couldn't be happier for Friday to get here!  I was off for almost 3 weeks during my illness and I was sure I was ready to come back.  The two major side effects of my illness are fatigue and headaches.  I didn't realize how much I would have those until I became active again.  The fatigue is really rough, as about every 3 hours, I need a nap.  My boss has been so good to let me go home early every day whenever I felt tired, but I'm ready to be normal again!  ( normal as I ever was, anyway!) I'm sure it doesn't help that, instead of resting each evening like my doctor to me, I am packing up boxes.  Don't get me wrong - My hubby has been fantastic.  He gets my little desk chair, wheels it wherever we're packing and has me sit and sort, while he lifts, moves, packs and unloads cabinets.  So, I'm not doing the hard work, but I'm also not resting.  And the mental part is probably what's wearing on me most.  My type A personality can't deal with the mess in my house (which has been there for months, because apparently I've been getting sick for a while now) which is worsened by boxes and trash bags everywhere.  On the upside, when I move, things will be neat and tidy and organized again AND I'll have a craft room!  Yippee Skippy!  Enough about me...

I made this card for a friend who came to see me in the hospital and brought snacks.  (The food was horrible there!)  I used some paper by Recollections by Michaels, but can't remember the name of the stack.

The card measures 5" x 5".  The scallop is from a borders pack from the Silhouette online store.  I love that place!  This was from a pack of 6 borders for a whopping 75¢!  The circle and star were shapes that came free with my machine.

The rosette and pennant were cut by hand.  For the rosette, I cut two strips of paper that were 11" x 1.25".  I scored them all the way across at .50" increments, then glued together to form the rosette.  I inked the edges of everything with some purple ink from the dollar spot at Michaels.

Here's the inside of the card.  I was still not feeling too well when I made it, so I sorta rushed through the inside.

I have several more thank you cards to share with you all.  Last night, I pack up My Precious, a.k.a. My Silhouette, so I won't have any new projects for a few weeks.  I have several posts to share in the meantime and I hope to be back to crafting my new craft room.  WOO HOO!!!